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Rapidly Create Symmetrical Designs for Manufacturing

Laser Cutting, CNC, Vinyl and Paper Cutters, 3D Printing, Fabric Printing, Manufacture-on-Demand

The design tools on this site work best on desktop browsers. You can to remind yourself to try Polygonia. Tap to see pieces designed with Polygonia!

Create Patterns, Designs, and Products for...

Intuitively Create Intricate Designs

Create intricate designs in seconds.

Draw a line in the Tile editor and copies of the line are shown as you draw. When you let go of the mouse your design is immediately redrawn. Polygonia connects lines together for you.

Easily change the frame.

Click on the Frame tab to easily change the frame shape and size.

Effortlessly rotate, scale, and shift.

In the tile tab enter values for rotation, size, and position to adjust your design.

Integrate into your workflow

Standalone Usage Save SVG, DXF, and PNG files from Polygonia. Use to create your final product.
Inkscape Save SVG from Polygonia. Import into Inkscape to continue work.
OpenSCAD Save DXF from Polygonia. Import into OpenSCAD and extrude.

Create Exciting Products

Pencil and Notebook Bags Manufactured on demand by ArtOfWhere
Votives Laser cut cherry wood
Triacontahedron 30 laser-cut faces
Wood Panels Laser cut and etched wood panel
Scarves Multiple designs combined with Inkscape
3D-printed Boxes Design imported into OpenSCAD
Unique and Innovative Design Tools


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